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Peter Slavin finds the ice sculpture business to be very cool.

Not many of us grow up with dreams to be a professional ice sculptor. Teacher, doctor, firefighter... Those are all pretty common. But ice sculptor? Not so much. Peter Slavin never thought he would become an ice sculptor either; but here is today, one of the most renowned ice sculptors in the world. At a young age, Peter decided he was going to be a chef, and dedicated himself to the craft through summer jobs at the Jersey Shore. But then there was the summer the ice sculptor came to the patio of the restaurant where Peter worked. Slavin found his second love.

“I wanted to do whatever I could to get involved,” Peter recalls. “He started letting me hand him his tools and equipment, which I just thought was so cool...not many 16 year olds are handling chain saws and power tools.” While Peter did go on to pursue the culinary arts,and quite successful, reaching executive chef to a few very large 5 star 5 diamond resorts in Maui, going to the culinary olympics in Franford ,Germanywas all tunning him to enjoy his art form . he was hooked on sculpting. He took art courses on human anatomy, three-dimensional design, the study of positive and negative space, and through trial and error he continued to master his art. In 1987 Slavin began working professionally as an ice sculptor and in ’97 he founded Fear No Ice, the world’s first performance ice sculpting company along with his friend and ice enthusiast, Scott Rella. Fear No Ice travels around the world performing at parties, product launches, and other promotional events. They’ve worked with international companies such as Absolut, google, Microsoft, and Apple ,Coca-Cola, Grey Goose, and Disney to name a few and have appeared on shows like “The Rachel Ray Show,” “Ripley’s Believe it or Not,” and “The Late Show with David Letterman.the today show , weather channel and good morning america.” Slavin has also co- founded ice, which provides ice art for weddings, corporate functions and other events in the Philadelphia , new york city area.“I love every aspect of my medium,” Peter says on his passion for ice, “And I don’t mind that it’s a temporary art form. That’s life – it’s ever changing and it’s not easy; I love being able to relate that through this process.”He admires several ice sculptors today for bringing and pushing the ice medium to an all time high Level ..Junichi, the brices,chris foltz , aron costic, it makes you want to push harder .. and share ..!

Over the past five years Slavin has worked around the clock in a devoted effort to make a name for ice sculpting as a serious art form.He is the lead designer?artist for Minus 5 ice bars, which he has designed /installed with his team ,2 in vegas 1 in nyc, 1 orlando,recently1 grand cayman,as well as 2 in newzealand. and 3 more on the design table ..with signed leases ..

“Ice is no longer just a pretty way to serve shrimp at a wedding... We’re making massive sculptures and permanent installations, tossing around 300lb blocks of ice. with cranes and fork lifts ,It’s fun; it’s crazy, and it keeps me in shape,” he laughs. “And thank God I have a wife, elaina who lets me travel around the world doing what I love” he adds.Peter lives in , philadelphia. with his wife Elaina and two sons, Miles who is 10, and Maxwell who is 3 yrs .but over the course of a year, Peter traverses over 100,000 miles from Russia to New Zealand; Hong Kong to Dubai making ice over 100 countries. He has designed and sculpted permanent ice lounges in major cities like Vegas, New York City, Orlando and Madrid, with many more in the works and is presently planning withFrench designers to build a 35 ft Statue of Liberty that will be erected in the Middle East for one night. “It’s exciting stuff to be able to make a living with one’s art. It truly is a blessing. I know so many talented artists who do not make money from their art; so to honor them ,I work hard to hold on to what I have and I never take it for granted. And as my sons get older, I hope to teach them this amazing skill.” Peter’s long-term goals are to become a motivational speaker to help companies take an idea and physically bringing it to life threw team work ... and of course teach his medium .Miles, Slavin’s oldest son has already shown some interest and promise in ice, and will be accompanying his dad in an upcoming project. Slavin says he plans to ride the wave of his craft for as long as it will hold him. “What else can I say; I love what I do,” Peter says. “It’s just a cool way to make a living. “And you can take that statement literally. For a closer look at Peter’s amazing work visit his website at For more information on Fear No Ice events and promotions visit or . To contact Peter directly, email him at and cell 215-715-7237.