Team Captain: Kla Kitburi, Oxon Hill, Maryland


Kla Kitburi

 Born in Thailand, taught art in high school for 5 years before coming to the US. Long time Executive chef at Martin’s Caterers (largest catering venues in Maryland, USA), former executive chef at Stouffer, Hilton, and Marriott locations in Virginia, USA, multimedia artist (Chocolate, tallow, bread dough, wood, paint, and more) and Member of NICA (national ice carving association), having carved ice for 30 years and competing in various ice carving competitions local and international (US and Canada). Gold and Silver medalist in various ACF (American Culinary Federation) competitions. Recently placed second at Ice Magic 2015 at Lake Louise. Currently runs a business carving ice sculptures as centerpieces for catering venues and private parties in the Washington DC Metro Area and Baltimore. I also do demonstrations for charities and non profit organizations. 

 Recent Events are as follows:

2015 - Ice Magic @Lake Louise

2009 - World Ice Art Championships @ Fairbanks, AK 

2008 - Winterlude @ Ottawa, CA  (Single)

2007 - Winterlude @ Ottawa, CA (Pair)

2006 - Winterlude @ Ottawa, CA (Single)

2005 - Winterlude @ Ottawa, CA Media's Choice (Pair)