The Long John Jamboree is a world-class community festival on ice to celebrate winter’s end by showcasing our Northern spirit, culture, arts, and heritage.

Dedicated Volunteer Board Members

Michelle Demeule

Michelle is a founding member of the Jamboree, acting as the Treasurer for the past 5 years.  She is a lifelong Yellowknifer who is passionate about her community and prefers -30 over +30 any day of the week!


Savannah Noel

Sav is new to the board,  headhunted by Michelle.  She currently works at Crowe MacKay and will soon be a CPA!

Minda Richardson

Director of Fundraising/Sponsorship
Minda is new to the ‘Knife, but that hasn’t stopped her from hitting the ground running.  Her mission: to engage the community into supporting the Jamboree!


Shiri Macpherson

Director of  Musical Talents
Shiri maybe young, but she has an old soul.  A multi-talented teen, we are thrilled to have her on our board, rounding up all the local musicians.

Tasia Walsh

Vice President

Tasia moved to Yellowknife in 2011 and she felt like home right away so she’s happy to support such an awesome community festival. Even her giant Saint Bernard will wear Long Johns. You’ll see!


Patrick Peers

Director of Vendors

Patrick has served with the Jamboree board in various capacities the past few year.  This year, he’s coordinating all of the artist and food vendors,  so give him a shout if you want to be included.


Emily Roback

Director of  Events

Emily is a woman of many talents, and right now she’s looking for yours to showcase the Jamboree!  Let her know if you have an event we should include.


Keith MacNeill

Ice Carving Coordinator

Keith, aka Ice Man, is back on board for a 6th straight year to coordinate the 2017 DeBeers Inspired Ice Carving Championship.


Melanie Marshall

Director of Volunteers
Melanie is also a new(er) ‘Knifer, who is rounding up fellow-Knifers to help make our event a success!! Contact her if you can help us out.


Tony Pink

Site Director
Currently the senior electrician at Giant Mine,  Tony is a retired RCMP corporal.  He is also an active Senator on the Tree of Peace board. His background in construction is a welcome addition to this event!